We Treat the Person

We do not offer cookie-cutter addiction treatment programs. We treat the person, not the addiction. Each client meets with his or her doctor, therapist and recovery coach to develop an individual treatment program that best suits their needs and goals.

We Eliminate Withdrawal 

When prescribing Suboxone to help clients break free from the grips of opiate addiction, it is important to slowly lower the dose of Suboxone being prescribed each month to eliminate dependence.

After the ninth month in Recovery 365, clients completely drug-free and continue on in the Recovery Coaching 365 program for an additional three months to ensure they are stable and engaged in the local recovery community. 

We Empower Clients to Achieve Long Term Recovery

Our clients are coached by responsible doctors and professionals and who believe that while prescribing Suboxone to help clients break free from opiate is necessary, it should be used on short term basis.

The Recovery Coaching 365 and medication-assisted treatment program are started day one of therapy. Physically, clients are then slowly tapered off Suboxone within a six to nine months. Mentally, they will have professional advice and care guidance and access 24 / 7 365. Spiritually, souls are healed, lives are changed, recovery experienced and seen.

“Recovery coaching provides an extra layer of accountability to discharge planning to continued care that was not available until now”

We Work With Insurance Companies and Offer Affordable Self Pay Options

By working with a number of insurance carriers and affordable self-pay rate options, we are able to help nearly 90% of those seeking treatment for opiate addiction. 

About Us

We have more than a century of experience providing expert addiction advice and treatment. Our suboxone doctors treat opioid dependent individuals with a prescription of Suboxone. The same day clients come into to see our doctors, they are assigned a recovery coach to help them progress in the recovery process. Ultimately, it our goal to taper each client off Suboxone in six to nine months and continue with Recovery Coaching 365 program for an additional three to six months.  

Are You a Responsible Doctor?

If you are interested in learniSuboxone doctors in Lexington Kentuckyng more about Recovery 365 and would be interested in joining our team, please contact us to discuss opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders.

Do you offer individually tailored treatment plans?

The Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) is the master plan that outlines and defines the course of treatment for the youth. It is a comprehensive and holistic plan that delineates the goals, objectives, resources and main “players” of the treatment process. Goals indicated in the ITP not only address the delinquent behavior that resulted in court referral(s), but also focuses on other components in the youth’s life that might influence their overall ability to be safe and successful, i.e.; family relationships, education, substance abuse, health-related issues, life skills, etc.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Are You an Unhappy Client?

Suboxone doctors in the lexington ky area

We absolutely want to hear from you asap. Your happiness is our success! Contact us to voice your concern.


Why Choose Us?


Each team member has a decade or more of experience providing expert addiction advice and rehabilitation services


We are available 24 / 7  365 days are year 


If Recovery 365 is unable to help you, we are dedicated to helping you find a professional or addiction rehab center that can.  


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

addict addicted to opiates

I really needed to get off heroin but did not know how. I finally found the courage to reach out and ask for help. Since making that decision, I am no longer using heroin and I am working to better myself everyday. I am thankful to all the staff at Recovery 365 for helping me save and restore my life. 

– Mary B from Lexington KY

opiate addiction treatment in lexington kentucky

I am go grateful to have my daughter back home and not using heroin. I just wanted to thank the staff at Recovery 365 for giving me my daughter back.

– a grateful mother


opiate addiction treatment

The team at Recover 365 helped me get my life back on track. I am now back in school and working part time. Life just keeps getting better and better everyday and that is a miracle.

– Brian

heroin user from lexington ky

If it wasn’t for Recovery 365, I am not sure I would still be alive. My addiction to pain killers was controlling my life and I had to do more and more just to stop being sick.

– Riley

Lexington, KY