Addiction is a long-term condition that has periods of relapse and remission. No single treatment is right for everyone, and even the best treatments cannot guarantee complete abstinence from drugs or drug-seeking behaviors.

At our Suboxone Clinic In Lexington, we recognize this. And that is why we are open to gathering all the information we can. As long as the treatment is viable with supporting evidence to help, e are open to learning too. Here are some of them:


Regular exercise can have a great impact on people in recovery for all sorts of reasons. It makes you feel better, boosts your self-esteem and mood, and lengthens the duration and quality of sleep. Additionally, regular exercise also improves immunity levels which is necessary to help fight off infections that may otherwise be detrimental after rehabilitation.

Art and music

Music and art therapy provide more positive treatment results than other types of addiction therapies. They also open up the opportunity for clients to express themselves in alternative ways outside of talking about their problems with therapists, which is important during recovery because it can be difficult to talk about some things without feeling judged by others.

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Yoga and other mindful practices

There are some of the therapies that you will find at Restore Health Clinic in Kentucky. Yoga is a type of exercise that involves deep breathing and slow, controlled movements. Mindfulness practices focus on the mind while also involving the body. There are many different types of yoga. However, in general, yoga incorporates guided stretching movements to help you stretch your muscles and achieve relaxation through mindfulness meditation techniques like those seen when practicing qigong or Tai chi chuan (more commonly known as tai chi).


Yoga As a Form Of Medication-Assisted Treatment

One strategy that’s still being tested among those suffering from drug or alcohol abuse at various stages along their journey towards sobriety is acupuncture. Here practitioners believe they can stimulate certain points throughout the head and neck region using very fine single filaments attached to an electrical current. And this may activate neural pathways responsible for blocking cravings caused by stressors such as anxiety and depression.

This treatment is fairly new, but several Suboxone Clinics in Kentucky are looking to adopt it as part of their therapies portfolio.

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