Ketamine therapy also known as Psychedelic-assisted therapy is quickly becoming mainstream. Ketamine doctors in Lexington, KY are very excited as it is said to be The Biggest Breakthrough for Depression in Half a Century. Ketamine doctors that are treating depression understand that with depression may come substance abuse concerns. Our Ketamine doctors in Lexington, KY understand that there is not one path to recovery. Many of the Clinicians and addiction rehab centers that have been promoting an abstinent only model have been slowly transitioning into Medication-assisted treatment programs. Harm reduction is another term most commonly used among drug and alcohol rehab centers in Lexington, KY.

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Ketamine Doctors and Ketamine Clinics Prescribing Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine is not only used in the treatment of addiction and depression, the medication is also being prescribed for PTSD, anxiety, sleeping disorders and spiritual connection or spiritual experience. Although Ketamine is by far one of the most effective forms of treatment for depression, currently it is not typically covered by insurance. You may contact your insurance provider and ask them if there is any coverage but most Ketamine clinics charge from $300-$500 per session depending on length of time and dosage. For more information about Ketamine infusion therapy in Lexington, KY, please reach out today. Our Ketamine doctors are more than happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation.

Suboxone Treatment vs Ketamine Treatment Services

If you are addicted to heroin or opiate i.e pain medications containing opioids, it is advised that you visit a suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY and ask them if you should utilize both Suboxone and Ketamine. You should ask if there are concerns related to the use of both Ketamine and Suboxone. Typically, suboxone patients are able to be prescribed Ketamine infusion therapy, however, each patient is unique. There may be some pre-existing conditions that must be addressed prior to beginning a Ketamine therapy program. Pain management is another great use.

For alternative healing options, you may also want to research Kambo. It is a frog secretion that is accepted by the bodies cells and it said to remove many toxins at the cellular level. Kambo is legal. You may also want to look into Ayahuasca ceremonies through the Native American Church as well as those Sacred Sacraments such as Ayahuasca are legal when provided in a religious ceremony.