suboxone treatment online doctor visitsOur medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program involves using medications approved for treating opioid use disorder. We have a highly-trained, experienced staff who is well-versed in the protocols involved with MAT and our patients have been able to recover and sustain a clean life after treatment. At Recovery 365, we put patient care first and treat each person with dignity, respect and compassion.

To combat the crisis America currently faces with opiate addiction and overdose deaths, we are committed to delivering MAT services where it’s needed. Our program utilizes MAT because it is evidence-based and proven to be effective in higher treatment retention rates and long-term recovery success. The use of Suboxone to stop opiate overdose and death rates cannot be stressed enough, which is why our program offers same-day appointments, 24/7 availability, accepts any insurance and offers affordable self-pay options.

In times of the past, there were strict federal restrictions placed on suboxone prescribing practices for suboxone doctors. Currently, in an effort to encourage new treatments for opioid use disorder, the Food and Drug Administration plans to permit pharmaceutical companies to sell medications to temper cravings, develop new medications for better treatment and to improve access to treatment.

With the recent improvements in treatment with suboxone and loosening restrictions for suboxone prescribers, the federal government has made efforts to expand access to MAT. The opioid epidemic is considered to be the most unrelenting drug crisis in American history. Nobody deserves to die due to an opiate addiction and to do our part in changing the stigma attached to MAT. Recovery 365 works hard to educate other providers and the public about how well it works.

Our providers take opioid use disorder seriously and we do whatever is needed to positively impact the lives of those suffering from addiction. Our treatment team invites you to contact us today, we will answer all your questions, listen to your story and provide an assessment to determine if you could be treated with MAT. We offer in-person visits, same-day appointments, and telehealth services because we never want to miss an opportunity to help those in need of our assistance.