Yoga has been around for years, and its efficiency in bringing serenity to those performing it is credibly brilliant. People worldwide have written of its benefits, and currently, a scientific study has been going on to try and see its effect on mental health.

Studies have shown that several people are suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). For this reason, people must seek treatment to avoid any side effects running and weighing down those around them.

Yoga proves to be effective in reducing stress. It is, therefore, considered as being an effective adjunctive treatment to MAT. Patients suffering from OUD most of them suffer from psychosocial challenges. Yoga brings calmness to the chaos brought by withdrawal, stigma, hallucination and the likes.

Including Yoga as an adjunctive treatment to MAT will help patients control their cravings better, recover, become well in their social and coping skills. It also strengthens their resilience.

Yoga As a Form Of Medication-Assisted Treatment

With its numerous benefits at Restore Health KY, a suboxone clinic and MAT clinic have incorporated Yoga to treat OUD patients. We are all about the holistic recovery of the patient. We want to see the patient recover not only physically but spiritually and emotionally too.

We have a team of well-trained professionals who have committed to seeing that the clients get well. We believe in total healing and that everyone deserves a chance to a quality life.

We have a team that teaches healing of the mind and the spirit. We also have a group of Suboxone doctors. The head Suboxone Doctor, Dr Sarah Merritt, board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, leads a team of enthusiastic professional and dedicated doctors.

We all work together for the better benefit of the client. One completely restored patient brings much joy to all of us.

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