New Suboxone Clinic Baltimore Location Accepts Medicaid

We have a new suboxone clinic in Baltimore Maryland that accepts Medicaid insurance

Opiate addiction is sadly a very common problem in society, the issue has really been overwhelming in Baltimore. Drug addiction is difficult to overcome without professional help and many people have been able to win the battle against chemical dependence with the help of a suboxone doctor in an outpatient clinic setting.

Our doctors realize how bad heroin, fentanyl and prescription opiate addiction can be, which is why we make it easy for someone who is on Medicaid. We accept private insurance, but there are many people on state insurance who have trouble finding a doctor to prescribe suboxone for them. We make it easier than most opiate treatment clinics, because we take Medicaid, as well as other insurance plans.

Medication-assisted opiate treatment using suboxone is a relatively new approach to the more traditional idea of inpatient or hospital-based treatment. Make no mistake though, because even though we are technically a “clinic,” we still offer a structured and comprehensive plan for treating opiate addiction.

Using medication-assistance for opiate dependence means you will consult with one of our licensed medical doctors, discuss your addiction history and together you will determine if suboxone would work for you. Our suboxone doctors are specially trained and licensed to prescribe suboxone in the city of Baltimore. Our clinics have a high success rate and we work diligently with our clients to ensure treatment is safe and effective.

We specialize in providing compassionate and effective treatment, we promise to help you and we will. If you are on Medicaid and have been searching for a suboxone clinic or suboxone doctor to help you get clean, then look no further than us. We don’t judge you, we don’t ridicule you, we don’t treat you with disdain or disrespect. On the contrary, where you may have been met with closed doors when you tell a prospective program you have Medicaid insurance, we say yes! Call us NOW!