Online suboxone clinics are starting to open in most cities and states. With the use of technology like Zoom, it is far easier today to get into an online suboxone treatment center’s program than it was just a handful of years ago. Only, is the opiate addiction improving or are we just making it easier for people to get Suboxone? We do not think people should be on Suboxone for any period beyond 18 months and there should be a tapering protocol in place so always working towards the freedom from the suboxone or substance.

Online Suboxone Appointments and Online Counseling Services

At Suboxone Clinic Lexington, we work with providers that prescribe Suboxone. We provide the counseling online and work in collaboration with the medical professionals and doctors. It is for this reason, that we are able to provide our clients with more resources such as other alternative therapies i.e Ketamine Therapy. If you are struggling with which route to go as far as your treatment needs are concerned, we are happy to discuss options with you. We do not want to force you into a situation that is going to put unnecessary strain on your life in anyway. Staying clean and sober is a full time challenge as is with emotions running wild all day and night at times.

Holistic Treatment Models and Plant Medicine or Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

In many indigenous cultures they were taught directly by SPIRIT how to heal themselves through what we have come to call The Sacred Healing Way. This did not consist of taking man made “medications”, having poor diets, and lack of physical exercise. It was their lifestyle and you have a choice. They worked together as a village, a tribe, a family. When a member of their tribe fell ill physically, mentally, or spiritually they turned to SPIRIT and Plant SPIRIT Teachers during Sacred Ceremonies. These Plant SPIRIT Teachers are commonly known as Sacred Sacraments as well as Plant Medicines.