There is an IOP addiction treatment center near Lexington. Those who are suffering from substance use disorders can make an appointment our addiction treatment center where we use medication assisted treatment. Each individual’s treatment schedule is based on the individual’s life circumstances and the treatment team’s judgement. The overall cost of medication assisted treatment will vary depending on the medication prescribed. Call us today and ask about our telehealth program. Those individuals who are seeking treatment can check with their insurance companies to see if the treatment is covered or if they will have to pay out-of-pocket for services.

Suboxone Clinic Taking New Patients

Medication assisted treatment utilizes a combination of behavioral therapy and certain prescription medications to treat those people who are suffering from opioid substance use disorders. A specialized physician will supervise the individual’s treatment and prescribe the required medications. The use of these medications has become a key component of the treatment of opioid use disorders, alcohol use disorders, and tobacco use disorders. Certain prescription medications are also used to combat other types of substance use disorders.

IOP addiction treatment center near Lexington

Health centers that specialize in addiction medicine are helping to change and save the lives of thousands of individuals who were hopelessly addicted to opioids. Medication assisted treatment varies in length of treatment on an individual basis. It not only addresses acute withdrawal, it may also can address chronic relapse issues. In most scenarios, most of the detoxification withdrawal symptoms from opioids are relieved within a few weeks. Then the treating doctor can taper the dose of the prescribed medication. We now have telehealth and telemedicine at our Lexington office; you can call us and find out how this process works!

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MAT Program Near Lexington, Kentucky

We now offer telehealth! Generally, the cost of outpatient care is less expensive than hospital-based care. Telehealth and its components offer the opportunity to provide quality healthcare services remotely, offer tools to manage supply and demand, and provides a wonderful convenience to patients.Telemedicine usually involves a patient/ doctor interaction via video, providing a face to face encounter where the doctor and patient can see each other, discuss issues, and even share images such as diagnostic test results. These appointments can be conducted on any device such as a smart phone, computer, or tablet. Greatly improved digital clarity and device computing power allows for this type of appointment to suffice in lieu of an in person visit.  This service is invaluable for older and at-risk patients during these trying and uncertain times.  These appointments also provide the convenience of staying at home vs driving in traffic and sitting in crowded waiting rooms. Restore Health KY has provided secure intake forms that can be filled out and submitted right from their website.  A consent to treat form can also be signed and submitted by patients.  A clinician can then follow up with a patient assessment, and an appointment to meet with one of the specialized doctors can be scheduled.  All this can be completed via telemedicine.IOP addiction treatment center near Lexington can help to change your life!