Depression is becoming the new world epidemic. More than ever drugs like Fentanyl and heroin and opiate prescription medications are leading to 100’s of 1000’s dead due to premature drug overdose deaths. Parents are outraged. How can we lose more children in one year than all the wars combined. Could it be that we have serious issue with valuing human life vs military weapons. Did you know it is reported that we spend a trillion dollars a year on weapons when we spent less than 6 billion for addiction rehab and mental health when the state of emergency was issued. This is a very tough, trying and sad time for our nation. It seems that if you have money you make more of it and save it more easily. If you have nothing you are taxed even more, given higher rates of interest and lose out on opportunities. It seems the game is rigged. So how do we break free.

ketamine therapy center lexington kyHow do we get someone from shooting heroin into their veins to suboxone once a day to tapering off suboxone through ketamine to finally healing themselves with nature or Kambo detox or kambo cleanse? We must show them 1. how much we care. 2. we must educate educate educate. 3. we must provide the practitioners and the medicines at a very affordable rate. 4. we must pray, meditation, share with each other and help each other along their path to enlightenment. But let’s worry about the road to recovery for now. Lets not get to far ahead of ourselves just yet. We don’t need to start talking about Ayahuasca or San Pedro or Peyote quite yet. Each person needs to first stop using their drug of choice i.e heroin or Oxycontin type pain medications that cost so many lives. We need to get them into a position where they are willing to learn more about all natural, holistic based healing models that utilize nature and the spirit within natures plant or psychedelic like plants. For more information about suboxone treatment, ketamine therapy or kambo please reach out today.  Ketamine Therapy Works, best breakthrough in 50 years for depression. Ketamine is Great for treating addiction. Ketamine therapy is very promising for the 2023 year.

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GUEST ARTICLE PROVIDED BY: Spirit of Truth Native American Church 501 C 3 and Tribe