12 Month MAT Recovery Coaching Program


Medication-assisted treatment is effective, evidence-based and is proven to successfully treat opioid use disorder. The reason MAT is favored by addiction treatment providers is that it results in higher treatment retention rates, decreases overdose deaths and is it is essential for long-term recovery. The stigma attached to medication-assisted treatment stops many providers from offering the service and it keeps people who really need it from having easy access to it.

We would never dream of shaming a diabetic for taking insulin, or a smoker for taking tobacco-cessation medications, but the same cannot be said for people seeking help for an opiate addiction. When someone seeks addiction treatment it can be humiliating to go to a clinic every day to receive a daily dose of methadone or visiting a treatment center can be humiliating for someone who wishes to keep their drug addiction private. As a result of these obstacles, it is our intention to remove the stigma from treatment and to help those who need it most.

suboxone clinic lexington Knows Our Patients are People


Some addiction professionals will reference the old definition of insanity “of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We believe painting people with opioid use disorder with the same brush does a great disservice and dehumanizes them. Enough people with an addiction issue feel unworthy, useless and hate themselves. We’ve been in business long enough to know the most important things we can ever do for people in our care is to build them up, give them a renewed sense of self, show them they have value and are worth saving.

3-Phase Recovery Approach to Successful Recovery

At Recovery 365, our program involves a 3-phase recovery approach that empowers our patients to reach further than they ever have and to take the steps needed to embrace a successful recovery. The following list outlines the 3-phases we use to ensure our patient is able to recover from drug addiction:

Phase I: First 90 days. 1 visit every 10 days.

We provide our patients with opiate withdrawal medications such as suboxone, buprenorphine, naloxone, etc.to get them stabilized and focused on recovery.

Phase II: 90-180 days. 1 visit every 15 days. 

We teach our patients healthier or less harmful short or long-term alternatives to heroin or prescription painkillers. It’s been said it’s important to replace a negative habit with something positive so that’s the goal.

Phase III: 180 days to 365 days. 1 visit every 30 days. 

We pair our patients with a compassionate, loving recovery coach who will patiently guide and nurture them through one of the most difficult journeys in life.

The goal of Recovery 365 is total patient care provided in a nonjudgmental environment which will allow them to experience a spiritual and personal awakening to a better, brighter future. Please reach out to us, we can help! +1 (888) 480-7274

LEXINGTON KETAMINE INFUSION THERAPY CENTER is a Lexington Ketamine clinic that provides online consultations to help our Ketamine Therapy participants decide if Ketamine Therapy is right for them. Ketamine infusions have been helping treatment-resistant patients who are not adjusting well on SSRI or anti-depressant medications. Ketamine infusion therapy is also becoming more widely known for helping with PTSD, Chronic Pain, Acute Pain and addiction related issues. 

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