If you’re struggling with opioid addiction it’s in your best interest to seek help from a certified Lexington suboxone clinic. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 100 people in the U.S. die every day from opioid-involved overdoses. That’s how serious the problem of opiate addiction is in the U.S. These statistics are not any different in Lexington, Kentucky. The city of Lexington alone reported 130 overdose deaths in 2020.

Drug abuse can cause many long-term negative consequences, including health effects, mental illnesses, and indirect effects in your life. If you’re struggling with opioid addiction or recreational drug abuse, it’s in your best interest to seek help from a certified Lexington suboxone clinic. The truth is, it’s difficult to quit drug addiction without medical support.

That’s why Restore Health KY has designed holistic drug rehabilitation programs to help people with both opioid dependence and recreational drug addiction to overcome the problem. Restore Health KY is one of the most trusted Lexington suboxone clinics that offers addiction treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

At Restore Health KY, we help clients struggling with drug addiction recover by providing suboxone treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and a range of therapy programs. Our drug rehabilitation programs provide immediate results and they’re very effective in breaking the cycle of addiction.

Suboxone treatment entails the prescription of a formulation of suboxone (a partial opioid agonist) which has limited pleasure response compared to prescription painkillers and recreational drugs like heroin. This formulation has proven to be effective in managing withdrawal symptoms, particularly when it’s used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational incentives, and professional counseling.

Our certified suboxone doctors at Restore Health KY will evaluate your condition and determine whether or not suboxone treatment is appropriate for you. Our team of drug rehabilitation specialists will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your condition, overall health, and relapse risk.

Our customized approach towards opioid addiction rehabilitation and drug abuse treatment makes the difference between our Lexington suboxone clinic and the average drug rehabilitation centers widespread in Lexington.

Suboxone treatment has been used for decades to help people with addiction overcome the problem. The formulation not only helps to block the effects of opioids but also reduces drug cravings. Unlike full opioid agonists, suboxone does not produce an intense high. This makes it a safe option when taken as prescribed. At our Lexington suboxone clinic, our certified addictionologists will evaluate your condition and prescribe the right suboxone dosage for you.

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Our Suboxone Clinic Services

At Restore Health KY, we offer a wide range of drug addiction rehabilitation programs to help our clients achieve the best treatment outcome. We offer intensive outpatient treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeed technology and analysis, group counseling, motivational incentives, and many other programs designed to maximize the chances of overcoming drug addiction. We also offer telehealth and telemedicine so you can get drug addiction treatment from any remote location.

You don’t have to live with drug addiction when you can reclaim your lifeand live a healthy lifestyle. Restore Health KY is the best Lexington suboxone clinic if you’re looking for a dependable suboxone treatment center near you.