There are many research studies which prove using suboxone for opioid use treatment works. In a recent study done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 650 people addicted to prescription painkillers were treated with Suboxone and experienced reduced cravings while telehealth for opioid addiction treatmentremaining in treatment for a longer period of time. At our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY, we’ve known medication-assisted (MAT) works and for many of our patients, it’s the only thing that saved them from further opiate abuse and risking death from overdose.

Stopping Opiate Addiction Through MAT:

When it comes to the drug wars going on across the United States, few have been as deadly and devastating as opiates. Suboxone was one of the first medications approved for MAT, it is safer than methadone and doesn’t require a person to make daily clinic visits which can be a source of shame and stigma. Our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY has faced the opiate crisis head-on and we will continue offering MAT to the people who come to us for help.

What Options Are Available for People with Limited or No Income?

One of the biggest deterrents to someone seeking help for an opiate addiction is the fear of how much it will cost. Inpatient treatment can be very expensive, particularly for people with limited or no income. We take the fear out of the unknown costs associated with MAT, because it is less expensive than inpatient treatment. We accept all insurances, Medicaid, Medicare and even offer options for people with limited or no income.

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Don’t continue slipping down the destructive path of opiate addiction any longer, because you do have other options. We will never judge you, subject you to stigma or shame, that is not what we are here for. Contact our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY now because we are the helping hand you need right now, and we don’t want you to be afraid to reach out.