People in Lexington, KY who are actively engaged in opiate addiction face many challenges when trying to find a place to get drug treatment. Most of these individuals endure the damages and pain caused by opiate addiction, not knowing there are many wonderful recovery programs in the area. Even for those living in remote areas throughout the state can find treatment resources and a telemedicine program which provides online medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

How Much Does Drug Treatment Cost?

Although there are many variables when determining the actual costs of drug treatment, using medication-assisted treatment can be a cost saver. Medication-assisted treatment or MAT doesn’t involve inpatient care and it allows someone to start recovering while still living at home and going to work every day. If you are interested in finding out more information about MAT, you are invited to contact our caring drug treatment center to find out more.

What Kind of Payments or Insurance Do We Accept?

At our Lexington, KY drug treatment center, we offer medication-assisted treatment either in person or through our upcoming telemedicine program. Our providers accept private medical insurance, state Medicaid and for people who need it, we offer an affordable payment plan for self-pay patients. If you want to discuss the costs associated with our MAT program, contacting our clinic is recommended.

Contact Our Lexington, KY Clinic Today for Drug Treatment:

It can be very intimidating to think about what it will take for you to become clean from opiate addiction. Opiate drugs like heroin and fentanyl are extremely dangerous and some of the hardest to stop using, which is why we are dedicated to providing easily accessible and affordable services. Please pick up your phone right now, call our caring providers and find out how the gift of recovery can be yours.