Suboxone doctors near me in Lexington have the solution to the life and death problem of opioid dependence.  The opiate epidemic in every state is taking lives of people every day.  The one solution that has the most positive results is Suboxone and Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology. The doctors prescribe the medicine for a period of two to six weeks while their clients detox off of opioids.  Then the doctors ween the clients off of the Suboxone slowly, so that they don’t feel the side effects of withdrawals too drastically.  In some cases, the client needs to be on the medication for a longer period of time.

Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology

Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology has already provided many individuals who were suffering from opioid dependence with help and hope. Our simple process in Lexington helps patients to get off of harmful and deadly opioids utilizing medical assisted treatment and technology. Our highly skilled doctors treat each person individually, working with the patient to create a plan of action for success.

Suboxone Doctors Near Me

The Suboxone doctors in Lexington have already made a great impact on the local and national epidemic. They need and are getting more support to handle the growing problem in the area.  Statistics and research are showing the facts of how effective medically assisted treatment and technology and Suboxone are in changing and saving lives. Suboxone seems to be quite effective in assisting those who are addicted to opiates to stop using heroin and other harmful opiates.  There are less overdoses when individuals are using Suboxone because of the opiate blocker within the medication. The good news is we have doctors and are taking new patients in Lexington!

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Don’t become another statistic in this national epidemic, there is help. If you or someone you know is addicted to opiates, get help today, before it’s too late. Suboxone doctors in Lexington have the solution to help save lives. Call the Suboxone doctors near me in Lexingtontoday and schedule your life-changing appointment!