If you’ve been searching for ‘best Lexington suboxone clinics near me’ you have come to the right place. Restore Health KY is one of the best addiction and alcoholism treatment centers serving Lexington and beyond. We are dedicated to helping people recover from opioid dependence, heroin addiction, and alcoholism through access to Medication-Assisted Treatment and many other addiction recovery programs.

Opioids include prescription medications like codeine, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Methadone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Percocet, and many more. Opioid dependence comes with detrimental effects on almost every aspect of a person’s life. The good thing is that recovery from opioid addiction is possible. If you’re ready to get help, we welcome you to Restore Health KY where our suboxone doctors will help you achieve long-term sobriety.

With the countless Lexington suboxone clinics, we understand that finding a reliable clinic can be a challenging process. That’s why we are committed to making a difference by providing effective, safe, and affordable suboxone treatment for drug addiction.

At Restore Health KY, we combine suboxone treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy, clinical counseling, rehab at home video training courses, individual & group therapy sessions, motivational incentives, and online support. We believe that this approach can help our patients achieve long-lasting recovery.

Unlike most Lexington suboxone clinics, we customize a treatment plan for each patient based on their individual needs. This approach has allowed us to achieve high success rates. Our team comprises only the best addiction treatment specialists, including nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, therapists, clinical counselors, and many more.

Restore Health KY is simply one of the most reliable Lexington suboxone clinics you can trust to help you recover from addiction.

Our treatment process

At Restore Health KY, our treatment process starts with an assessment of your condition so that we can develop a customized treatment plan for you. Our Lexington suboxone doctor will collect your vitals and conduct tests, and talk to you about your options for treatment. Thereafter, our suboxone doctor will prescribe the right suboxone dosage and refer you to other specialists for therapy, counseling, guidance, and support.

Our Lexington suboxone doctors will continue to assess your progress as you continue with the treatment process. We also ensure our patients receive routine counseling because it’s an important part of managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Lexington Suboxone Clinics

Why Restore Health KY?

We are one of the most trusted Lexington suboxone clinics with a proven track record. We have a team of specialists who will help you break the cycle of addiction through medication-assisted treatment, counseling, support, and motivation.

Every person struggling with opioid addiction, heroin addiction, or alcoholism deserves a second chance. If you’re one of the millions of people out there trying to beat drug addiction, we encourage you to reclaim your life by getting in touch with Restore Health KY. You can trust our Lexington suboxone doctors and other specialists as your partners on the road to heroin recovery.

Contact us today to find out more about suboxone treatment costs and the options available to you or your loved one.