Restore Health KY is a premier suboxone clinic in Lexington that provides intensive outpatient treatment and medication-assisted treatment. We have a team of certified Lexington suboxone doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors, clinical social workers, and many other specialists.

Opioid abuse or addiction comes with devastating consequences, including mental, physical, social and emotional effects. You’ve probably heard of people who have lost their lives due to opioid overdose.

It’s a fact that opioid addiction and alcoholism is a serious issue affecting many people in Lexington and across the United States. Anyone with a drug abuse problem needs help so they can reclaim their life and future.

Luckily, it’s possible to get your life back on track after the ravages of heroin addiction or opioid abuse. With the help of Lexington suboxone doctors, you can get medication-assisted treatment in a medically-supervised environment.

If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid dependence and heroin addiction, take the first step and find a reputable rehabilitation center with the best Lexington suboxone doctors.

Our specialists are highly trained in addiction treatment and have extensive experience in helping patients overcome opioid dependence and heroin addiction. We also offer a variety of rehabilitation programs to help our clients through the recovery process. At Restore Health KY, we offer individualized treatment plans based on an individual condition and health history.

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Here are some of the programs we offer:

  • Medication-assisted treatment

Our Lexington suboxone doctors prescribe suboxone medication for patients to reduce opiate withdrawal symptoms when they’re getting started with the recovery process.

  • Intensive outpatient treatment

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We provide in-depth drug addiction treatment plans on an outpatient basis. Patients can visit our facility at any time of the day and get treatment.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

This program seeks to break the unwanted behavior patterns that make a patient indulge in opioid dependence and heroin addiction.

  • Biofeedback technology and analysis

This program entails connecting patients to electrical sensors that provide information about their body functions. It seeks to improve a patient’s physical, emotional and mental health, which is an integral part of therapy.

There are many more drug rehabilitation programs we offer at Restore Health KY. Visit our website for more information.

Why choose Restore Health KY for suboxone treatment:

  • We have the best Lexington suboxone doctors with unrivaled expertise and experience in helping patients through the addiction recovery process.
  • We’ve helped more than 100 patients overcome drug addiction, so you can trust us to help you or your loved one beat opioid dependence or heroin addiction for good.
  • We have an onsite lab and pharmacist where your lab testing and pharmacy needs can be completed, giving you added convenience and saving you money.
  • Our rehabilitation programs are affordable for just about anyone.
  • We are available 24/7/365 to help patients who want to turn their lives around.

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Restore Health KY is one of the first suboxone Lexington treatment centers to combine holistic programs with medication-assisted treatment in the state. Our holistic approach to opioid and heroin addiction treatment makes us the most trusted suboxone Lexington clinic.