Many primary care physicians were skeptical about becoming a licensed suboxone doctor, because of the stigma surrounding addiction and due to not being educated about it. When the United States Food and Drug Administration first approved medications like buprenorphine and naloxone for opioid use disorder treatment, suboxone doctors were unknowledgeable about it. However, there is evidence which backs up using medication-assisted treatment and the results have been positive.

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What Does it Take to Become a Suboxone Doctor?

Federal laws require a physician to pass an 8-hour training course and apply for a Drug Enforcement Agency waiver to legally prescribe medications for opiate addiction. Considering the great need for medication-assisted treatment and how well it works for people with opioid use disorder, it’s surprising to look at the deficit in the provider to patient ratio. A major benefit of joining other suboxone doctors is knowing you can help an underserved community of people who are dying in droves due to opiate overdose deaths.

How Bad is the Opiate Epidemic?

For many doctors who prescribe pain medications, it can be heartbreaking to realize many patients will develop an addiction to opiates due to them being prescribed for a legitimate medical condition. Opiate use, both prescription and illegal, has skyrocketed, but the number of suboxone doctors has not been enough to meet the needs of those affected.

All across the country, there are drug treatment programs, but for many people, there are obstacles like work, children and life responsibilities to attend too, which means long-term care is not feasible. The issue of supply and demand for medication-assisted treatment isn’t limited to a few states and the waiting lists in many are nearly a year long, something must change. That’s where our services come into the picture!

How Our Program is Changing Medication-Assisted Treatment Access:

When you go online to find information about suboxone doctors or a medication-assisted treatment clinic, you’ll be amazed to see many websites offering to help. However, for a lot of people the reality of how long the wait is and how the clinic might not be close to their home becomes depressing. Our program is aware of the provider shortage, the impossible waiting lists and how hard it is for someone to get into long-term care, which is why we specialize in medication-assisted treatment.

To change the deficit in suboxone providers we offer same-day appointments, have a hotline available 24/7 and our providers offer telehealth services, so anyone can get help whenever and wherever possible. To find out more information about who we are and what we do, contact us today. We accept any insurance, are taking new patients and we won’t make you wait! Call us 502-305-8855