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All those who seek medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with our suboxone clinic Lexington will be met with our promise to help, no matter what. The mission of our doctors and clinic staff is very simple, we exist to provide accessible medication-assisted treatment services to those who need it most, because we are in business to save lives. Addiction is chronic and relapsing in nature, but with MAT, our patients have a stronger chance to recover and have a better future.

How We Can Offer Same-Day Appointments:

MAT consists of a medical visit to our clinic or using our telemedicine services to conduct a visit with one of our suboxone doctors or nurse practitioners. We perform a discrete, thorough medical evaluation on a potential patient to determine someone’s overall health, addiction history and current addiction severity. After being diagnosed, a patient will be admitted to our program and consult with our addiction medicine specialists on a regular basis to help them stay on the path to recovery and meeting the challenges along the way. We are able to offer same-day appointments and take new patients because we use telemedicine services and constantly hire new practitioners to meet the needs of Lexington, KY and surrounding areas.

How is MAT Prescribed?

The medication we use for MAT Is suboxone because it works through preventing withdrawal and controls a patient’s cravings for opiates. Our suboxone clinic Lexington understands each patient is different and our doctors will provide a treatment plan that meets someone’s individual needs. Before being prescribed suboxone, our provider sits down with a patient and answers any questions or address any apprehensions which could be present. MAT is prescribed to someone to stabilize them from opiate withdrawal and over time, the dose is tapered down until the person is able to live drug-free.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Lexington Today:

Opiate addiction and overdose deaths are running rampant throughout the state of Kentucky and Lexington is no exception. Medication-assisted treatment is just one way for someone to reclaim their life from prescription painkiller or heroin addiction. Please contact our caring suboxone clinic Lexington today to find out if you’re a MAT candidate and let us help you beat your addiction once and for all.