The opiate addiction recovery road can seem like a long, dark, lonely road. Our opioid addiction recovery specialists in Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort and throughout Kentucky via Telehealth or Telemedicine can assist you. Opioid withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating however, with our medication assisted treatment program through suboxone treatment, can bring hope. In addition to our medication assisted treatment program, we work with our participants to move off of the medication and move towards psychedelic assisted treatment through Ketamine Infusions, then completely cleansing the body of toxins through Kambo Detox.There’s great benefits from medication assisted treatment transitioning to psychedelic assisted treatment. It actually works at the root of the problem, how did you become addicted to a substance in the first place.

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Suboxone works to decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms and reduce a person’s dependency on opioids in the long term. With medications like Suboxone, a person can break free and return to a normal lifestyle full of hope and joy, relationships and careers. After beginning the suboxone treatment program with our addiction recovery specialists you can then move towards starting your Ketamine Infusion Treatments. Ketamine is a rapid-acting antidepressant but other studies have also reported its efficacy in reducing problematic alcohol and drug use. Ketamine Therapy shows great promise as a treatment for various addictions. It continues to work even after it’s metabolized by your body. This is especially true when it’s used for treatment of depression symptoms. Typical antidepressants need weeks to build up in your body and start working, while ketamine can work in a matter of hours. In addition to Ketamine Therapy, we work with an Amazonian frog secretion, known as Kambo, that works on cleansing the body of toxins on a cellular level. A Kambo cleanse is beneficial for alcohol and drug detoxification, mental disorders, as well as many other ailments. Our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY and our suboxone doctors in Louisville, Frankfort and Lexington, all accept Medicaid and provide telehealth MAT or telemedicine IOP options. For more information about drug addiction, specifically opiate addiction and opioid addiction rehabilitation, please contact us today or visit our website Suboxone Clinic Near Me or Suboxone Docs Near Me

For those who are interested in alternative medicines, there are some places out there that will provide Kambo and other forms of alternative treatment.