Opioid use disorder is a medical disease where a person has been taking opiates and their body has become physically dependent on the substance. Drug addiction can happen very quickly, with opiate dependence being very difficult to overcome. If you are on a fixed or limited income, suffer from an opiate addiction and want to get help, contact our Frankfort, KY suboxone doctors accepting Medicaid.

What is the Best Way to Get Clean from Opiates?

There are quite a few methods of treating opiate addiction, but our Frankfort, KY suboxone doctors accepting Medicaid prefer using medication-assisted treatment (MAT). At our intensive outpatient treatment program, we use telehealth services which allows us to treat patients living in remote areas and those who for whatever the reason cannot go into a long-term rehab program. Our opiate detox center, using suboxone allows our patients to avoid withdrawal symptoms and cravings, both of which might cause someone to relapse.

Why Do Frankfort, KY Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid Use MAT?

MAT uses partial opiate agonist medication to block opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms when someone stops using opiates. Medication-assisted treatment is very important because for people who have tried and failed at other methods of treatment, sometimes this is the only method that will work. Our program offers telehealth services for opiate detox, and we accept private pay patients, Medicaid and have affordable, transparent pricing.

Why Our Frankfort, KY Suboxone Doctors Accepting Medicaid Want to Help:

Our addiction medicine specialists have seen the overdose rates across the United States and we are heartbroken.  At our clinic, we accept a person from any socio-economic background and we never turn someone away due to an inability to pay. Please know our Frankfort, KY suboxone doctors accepting Medicaid are available to help 24/7, so pick up the phone and talk to someone right now.