Opiates are used in the medical profession for treating pain because it provides analgesic effects. Unfortunately, when a person becomes physically dependent on opiates it brings on physical withdrawal symptoms, if the same amount is not consistently used. Our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY uses medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder because we know how well it works for our patients.

What is the Efficacy of Suboxone?

Amid the rising opiate crisis going on in America right now, medication-assisted treatment received approval from medical and behavioral health professionals and the United States government. In 2017, the government expanded access to buprenorphine (suboxone) by raising the number of patients that certain doctors can treat from 100 to 275. Suboxone works because it prevents opiate cravings, decreases overdose deaths and stops withdrawal symptoms, which is why our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY believes so strongly in it.

How Can Our Suboxone Clinic Help Remove the Stigma from MAT?

Let’s face it, with any type of addiction, a person is bound to be faced with judgment and stigma from their family and society. Many halfway and recovery houses refuse to admit someone who is using MAT to recover. The choices our patients face after leaving our suboxone clinic is heartbreaking, it’s either stay on suboxone and be homeless or go cold-turkey in order to live in a safe environment. We want to provide better options for our clients because they deserve better. To best aid in removing the societal stigma attached to MAT, our clinic works hard to educate other providers and dispel myths about suboxone.

Please Contact Our Suboxone Clinic in Lexington, KY Today!

If you are fighting to get off opiates, wrestle with overwhelming cravings and painful withdrawal, know you don’t have to continue doing it alone. Our suboxone clinic in Lexington, KY has helped many people in the same situation as you are, and we do it because we care. It doesn’t matter if you have limited income, Medicaid, Medicare or private medical insurance, even if you have no money at all, please contact our clinic because you’d be surprised at the services we offer and how willing we are to work with you.