Suboxone Clinic Lexington provides online suboxone doctor appointments and 100% Telehealth Suboxone clinic or substance abuse treatment services. Our medication-assisted treatment program is top rated in the state of Kentucky and aims to provide our clients with a fully online treatment experience.

Online Suboxone Doctor Appointment Are Now Available

Heroin and opiate addiction has devastated the lives of countless communities and families many having lost a loved on to Oxycontin in the past and now Fentanyl and variations of these drugs. Suboxone was designed to be a 7-10 day detox or heroin withdrawal medication which is now being taken monthly and for long periods of time. We do not see this healthy and contributes to a rotating door issue and physical dependence on Suboxone vs Oxycontin. Here are Suboxone Clinic Lexington, we are here to help you find the path that is most effective for you. We are not here to make you do our suboxone clinic program and we do provide online counseling services without a Suboxone prescription.

suboxone treatment center lexingtonOnline Suboxone Appointments & Online Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Do you find yourself addicted to heroin? Are you physically dependent on opiates? Do you want to stop being enslaved by drugs that are costing your time, money and motivation? Are you tired or being sick when you don’t have opiates? Would you like to find another way of life? Suboxone Clinic Lexington can provide you with the tools you need when searching for a reliable suboxone doctor. We have worked in the addiction field for decades and we understand your pain.

Plant Medicines Are Option – We Do Not Provide Services

Plant Medicines are another option for people seeking a more holistic approach to their healing process. We work with a number of Kambo practitioners as well as Native American Churches that provide Ayahuasca ceremonies as well as provide information about micro-dosing with Psilocybin which is showing tremendous promise for those suffering with mental health illness or substance abuse.