What Can You Expect from Our Suboxone Clinic?

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services highlighted more than 2 million people were suffering from opiate addiction and more than 130 people die from it each day. Opiate overdoses and addiction rates are at a crisis level and there seems to be no ending in sight. In order to do our part to stop opiate overdose deaths, our program fully believes in suboxone for medication-assisted treatment.

Why Do We Use Suboxone for Medication-Assisted Treatment?

The two most common medications used to treat opiate addiction are methadone and suboxone. We only use suboxone at our clinic because it is more effective, doesn’t require an in person visit to our clinic and we have seen the positive results our patients have with it. Both suboxone and methadone are opioid agonists which means they activate the same receptors in the brain, but our patients remain more compliant and in treatment longer with suboxone.

How Does Our Program Prescribe Suboxone?

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Our program is incorporating a telemedicine program in order to provide our services to those who may not be able to reach our clinic. In order to prescribe suboxone to a patient, we require someone to undergo an intake interview with our suboxone doctor in order to determine if there is an actual addiction going on and to find out if the person is a candidate for medication-assisted treatment. Our providers work diligently with a patient to give them the best possible outcome at a clean future.

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For those who are suffering from an opiate addiction our clinic is there to help them receive treatment. Suffering from opiate addiction is a horrible problem faced by many people and we want you to know you’re not alone. Call our suboxone clinic to find out information about our affordable payment options. We accept private medical insurance and state Medicaid because it’s our goal to make treatment accessible to save as many lives as possible.