Have you been trying to stop using heroin or opiates with no luck? The journey to become clean from opiate dependence can be overwhelming, confusing and challenging.  When you attempt to locate suboxone doctors near me accepting new patients or Medicaid, the challenges can seem impossible and the obstacles insurmountable, but we’re here to tell you they’re not.

Suboxone Doctors Near Me Taking New Patients:

Whether you’ve just started or have been looking for a suboxone clinic or doctor who prescribes medication-assisted treatment (MAT), the options online can seem overwhelming. The main reason why it can be so difficult to find a suboxone doctor or a clinic accepting new patients is because these providers can only legally have so many patients at one time. At our clinic, we understand the challenges people encounter when trying to find recovery services for opiate addiction, so we have online access to our providers and are working to launch a telemedicine platform.

Do Our Suboxone Doctors Accept State Medicaid?

The main thing that differentiates our clinic from others is that our providers accept state Medicaid. Instead of continuing your online website search and clicking on link after link, you can contact our suboxone doctors near me right now and discuss how our services can change your life. We offer intensive outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment using suboxone, our clinics accept state Medicaid and private insurance so you have many options you might not have known about.

Contact Suboxone Doctors Near Me Now!

While you may have been searching high and low for an intensive outpatient program (IOP) offering medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services, you aren’t alone because there are others who suffer like you do. In order to start the recovery process, the first step is to find suboxone doctors near me taking new patients and that’s exactly what we offer. If you want to break your deadly opiate addiction, contact our clinic right now and begin to put your life back together again.