The Suboxone clinic in Lexington isopen and taking new patients! Our clinic and staff utilize medication assisted treatment and technology to help our patients to overcome opioid addiction. Suboxone takes away the cravings for opiates and also handles the withdrawal symptoms that usually come with detoxing from opioids. Patients have much less fear, stress, and anxiety knowing that these issues are under control.

A Modality that is Proven!

The Suboxone doctors in Lexington have already made a great impact on the local epidemic. Suboxone seems to be the most effective solution in helping individuals addicted to opiates to stop using heroin and other opiates.  There are less overdoses when individuals are using Suboxone because of the opiate blocker, Naloxone, within the medication. The staff at our Suboxone clinic in Lexington are highly trained and very skilled.

Natural medicine for addiction are scattered outside of a small jar

Suboxone Clinic in Lexington

The Suboxone clinic in Lexington is meeting the need at the local level, helping patients to overcome their opioid addiction. Currently, we have seen the amazing results of Medication Assisted Treatment and Technology. Suboxone treatment has had great success in treating opioid addiction. Suboxone, counseling, and technology help those who are addicted to opioids to build recovery communities and make action plans to construct a new life in recovery.

You are Not Alone in Recovery!

Reach out, call our Suboxone clinic in Lexington, and change your life! Once you call for an appointment, our friendly staff will help guide you through the treatment process. There is no reason for anyone to have to die from opiate addiction, now that there is the medication-management modality for opiate addiction recovery.  If you or someone you know suffers from opiate addiction, please get help today.  There is hope! Call our Suboxone clinic in Lexington today, and start building a new life!