Suboxone is an opioid replacement medication that’s used to help people who are trying to stop using heroin or other opiate painkillers. The medication is only available by prescription, but there are many people who wonder if it really works. It was originally believed using medication-assisted treatment was replacing one addiction for another, but that’s not true. The purpose of our Lexington, KY suboxone clinic is to help people beat opiate addiction and lead a clean life again.

How is Suboxone Used for Medication-Assisted Treatment?

The main way of using medication-assisted treatment or MAT involves a person consulting with a licensed suboxone doctor. If someone has tried other methods of becoming clean from opiate dependence and wants to try something different, MAT could be the answer. Suboxone is provided for someone who is in acute withdrawal and the goal is to stabilize the individual, allow them to comfortably get through detox and be able to become drug free.

How Long Does Suboxone Treatment Last?

When someone undergoes MAT with suboxone, it’s up to the suboxone doctor to determine how long someone will need to remain on the medication. Although short-term treatment is the ultimate goal, sometimes someone needs something more and the person may require additional counseling or therapy to fully recover. The purpose of our suboxone clinic Lexington, KY is to provide a person with the resources needed to become clean and we’re available 24/7.

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